Ever since moving to Vancouver for my post graduate studies, I fell in love with the city, its spectacular nature and cosmopolitan vibe. I attained my Finance degree from Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Post graduation I worked for two years in automotive finance and switch to real estate after assisting few family members and friends move to Vancouver. In the process of helping them navigate through the maze of process and regulatory frame work of finding a home and settling down, I was swept away by their sense of gratitude. I then proceeded to get my Real Estate certification at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Sauder School of business and started on this journey. 

Since, I have consulted many clients on variety of Real Estate transactions from purchasing a single-family home to multiple commercial property assembly and land development projects. I would be delighted if I can consult you on the purchase of your next property in the Greater Vancouver.


  转眼间来温哥华已经超过十个年头了, 这座城市见证了我人生的几大转变: 在西蒙菲莎大学完成学业, 取得金融学位; 由学生迈入工作, 如今创立了自己的公司事业。这中间的种种, 既是阳光妩媚无限好,也偶尔有几日阴霾阴雨天, 但温哥华的柔情万种总能抚慰我心头的困倦, 让我重扬风帆。

  毕业后的头两年我成为了一名车贷经理, 期间帮助好几位朋友以及亲人移居温哥华: 在这繁杂的过程中,却让我感受到无限的喜悦与成就感, 并让从事房地产职业的萌芽在我心头根生。随即我在不列颠哥伦比亚大学攻读了地产学位, 并成功取得地产经纪的证书, 从而正式开始了我在地产界的旅程。

  现如今的我,已经帮助了不计其数的家庭寻觅到合意的居所; 协助了多位客人购入高年回报率,租金稳定的商业店铺; 以及帮助开发商做土地兼并项目都获得了极好的投资回报。如果您有意向移居温哥华抑或有置换物业的想法; 或者想让您想寻觅稳定收租以及高年回报率的投资项目, 请立刻和我取得联系,您一定会有意向不到的收获!


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